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At the age of 32, Shawna’s husband died the day before their daughter turned 2.  Her story confronts topics such as mental illness, suicide, grief, post traumatic stress disorder, resiliency, faith, marriage, “only parenting”, and more.

Shawna is a speaker, author, and determined advocate. She has appeared on CTV News, Reconnectfully Yours, and Widowed.ca radio. Shawna has spoken in front of live audiences at universities, churches, and Ignite Waterloo.  For a list of events and links to previous talks, please click here.

Breathe cover

Shawna’s published book, Breathe, will be officially launched on March 11th, 2014.   Previously, Shawna’s articles were featured on BlogHer and Pardon My Poppet.  She enjoyed a freelance partnership with the YMCA’s of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, and was invited to participate in Ruth Stadelmayer‘s “Voices” book project.  Shawna has been granted the Liebster Blog Award and The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.


To learn more about Shawna’s story, we recommend visiting the “Main Journey Index” of her blog.  The “Happy Thought Index” was introduced as one of the tools that has helped Shawna through her grief journey.

Shawna’s philosophy is simple: Share my story wherever I can, to whomever will listen.”  The concept is simple too.  “Vulnerability fosters deeper, richer relationships, and generates safe places where others share their stories too.  Stigmas are destructive illusions and we must stop being fooled by the mirage.  No one should have to think twice about seeking treatment.”

Every conversation and speaking engagement is seen as an opportunity to build awareness and foster positive change.

Shawna is available for speaking engagements, interviews, book signings, conferences, and more.  Click here to contact Shawna Percy (MacDonald.)

Click here to listen to Shawna’s Elevation talk: Mental Illness, Suicide, and Finding God in the Darkness, or watch the Reconnectfully Yours webcast below:

Shawna Percy (MacDonald) with host Sahil Dhingra on Reconnectfully Yours.

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