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9 months later

New labels: Widow, single parent (a.k.a. “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” Maya Angelou) (featured on BlogHer)

Mayor Rob Ford

A year ago today – My birthday

Day 1: Creation – The darkness and the light

Sundubu – Korean dish (featured on BlogHer)

Poppy – a tribute to my dad’s dad

Starbucks and sirens: a tribute (featured on BlogHer ~ spotlight blogger article)

The mask of the uncomfortable nothingness

An uncluttered Christmas

Neil’s letter to Alexis

Breaking through the waters

Two wolves – if everything good fights everything bad, which one will win?

Must we think about death?

Christmas cheer!

“I will love the block person” – Neil

Tears from the sky – my last day of my first support group

Stigma in a large yellow envelope (or Stigma spelled S-U-I-C-I-D-E) (featured on BlogHer)

Going through the e-motions

Breathe – refocusing during grief and trauma

Suicide prevention resources – a conversation

Happy Christmkkah

Nomads are we

A year gone by – Looking back on New Year’s Eve

Pickles, peanuts, and pananas

Angry at God – stage

Why I believe in God, even when life is rough sometimes

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sudden impact

Am I disabled, or enabled?

A movie of memories (video – snapshots of our life with Neil)

Wrestling my way through defeat.  Literally.

Finding the essence of life’s song…(a.k.a. “God connections in playing music”) (featured on BlogHer)

A complete life – Martin Luther King Jr. (featured on BlogHer)

Are you a participator of life?  Unwrapping the gift of today.

Unsettled – a journal entry of insomnia from the not-too-distant-past

What should I say?  Responding to someone else’s loss

Flight 796 Departing grief, arriving in paradise at 3:07pm.  ALL ABOARD!

Learning how to die – Jon Foreman

This is Good Grief Guru, reporting from Barbados

SCATTERING: finding beauty from ashes PART 1

SCATTERING: finding beauty from ashes PART 2

The chime of self-forgiveness – in honour of my greatest life coach

For the love of your spouse, your parent(s), your kid(s), GET A WILL!

Health is wealth: Sleep – “The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep” W.C. Fields

The pandemic of suicide

Health is wealth: Y exercise

In need of inspiration?  Let me read you a Dr. Suess bedtime story… (video)

The naked truth about stigmas

HAPPY THOUGHT #36: Hearing my 2-year-old encourage her friend (for more Happy Thoughts, visit the Happy Thought Index)

Health is wealth – zumba, zumba, two left feet

Collateral damage – what suicide does to the left-behinds

Health is wealth – join the crowd! (just be careful which crowd you pick)

Remembering Neil – 1 year later (memorial)

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY Alexis! (video – a tribute to my amazing daughter, and her 2nd year)

Health is wealth: “Blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape.”

Support group junkie

Health is wealth: Contagious energy

How can I celebrate Easter without Passover?

Saying goodbye to maternity clothes

YMCA Strong Kids: building resilience in the young 

The power of rising above – A father breaks the silence of his son’s suicide

Attitude of gratitude: Focusing on the good

“Breathe out when you come together, in when you come apart.” – Donna Perk

“It’s always darkest before the dawn”  The Dark Knight

The tricky business of a WORK/LIFE balance

“With great power, comes great responsibility”  Spiderman

Together we’ll walk the stepping stones – by Barbara Williams

Has helping others helped me?

Good Grief Guru has been selected by Poppet’s Picks!

Pulling my weight – learning to use the weights of life as tools for resilience

Running to stand still (video – a musical performance by Shawna)

Everything has its time

Get a grip! – Finding the right tools for the long haul

I had the most incredible night…sharing my story with a group of girls

Do I feel marginalized?

Happy 25th Anniversary Starbucks!  (video – Find out how Starbucks fits in with our story)

Good Grief Guru’s take on The Bachelorette: “Baggage” (week 5)

June 17th: Father’s Day, and Neil’s Birthday

What if the death of my husband had been my first loss?

What’s better than a “hallelujah?”

YMCA logo

Drowning; a preventable death (featured on the YMCA Facebook page)

Loving the body my spouse left behind

Are you a dad?  Then this post’s for you!

Who would you choose?  The baby, or the dog?

Reeling in a pike.  A Starbucks Pike that is.

Courtyard calm at the YMCA

Going on a life change adventure

Worn (video – music)

September 10th is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION day

The irreplaceable community

Andrew Haley – inspiration speaker at the YMCA

What would you do to give your kids 5 more years of life? (video)

Miracle of miracles!  Justice prevails after all. 

What happened to Amanda Todd?

Learning to live with a missing limb – Andrew Haley

On the importance of being alone

Cancer treatment is saving lives!

Mother honours son by sharing his story of suicide

Free grief seminar in Toronto December 12th: Coping with loss ~ when someone you love dies

TODAY is Waterloo West Neighbourhood Fest at the Stork Family YMCA!

Good Grief Guru guest stars on Reconnectfully Yours! (This Thursday!)

The countdown is on!  Less than 24 hours to Reconnectfully Yours.

Sahil Dhingra

Another step taken towards breaking the silence & stigma of suicide (video – Good Grief Guru interview by HOst Sahil Dhingra on Reconnectfully Yours)

Basketball at the Y with my toddler

My daughter

Stand up for kids with Mental Health issues (video)

Win an Attribute Index by PE&A life coach! – only 3 available.  First come, first serve.

Getting a move on – Good Grief Guru moves to “The Healing Place”

Thinking of Connecticut

Sandy Hook – When you feel consumed by darkness, seek beauty


Send the Card & they can watch the impact! (A creative way to make a difference this Christmas)

Explaining death to kids

Give the gift of health: YMCA

Merry Christmas from Good Grief Guru (video)

The edge of a dream…

Support for Chief Spence – Help put an end to the hunger strike and stand up for the rights of Native Canadians! #IdleNoMore

Chief Theresa Spence interview (video)

Why we are Idle No More – by Pamela Palmater, Ottawa Citizen

Why should Canadian citizens care about Idle No More?

It was a good speech Mr. Harper, but… (video)

UNREPENTANT: a documentary on Kevin Annett and the genocide of Canada’s native peoples (video)

Grief, suicide, and “inter-generational impacts”

Chief Spence backing out of meeting is no surprise (video)

Good Grief Guru interview with CTV for Bell’s Let’s Talk day

Solidarity fast with Chief Spence and Idle No More

Idle No More flash mob – Kitchener (Saturday) Waterloo (Sunday)

Idle No More – Does it really affect Canadians?

A timely excerpt from The Little House on the Prairie – Chapter 18, The Tall Indian

How do you feel when you see injustice in the world?

Idle No More song by Marc Marilainen – listen here! (audio)

Laurier University is first to embark on staff and student suicide alertness training!

Seniors rank highest demographic for suicide in the nation

National Farmers Union stands with Idle No More

Laying out the law by Pamela Palmater (video)

A DAY ON – Martin Luther King Jr. day, Errol Barrow day, and a call to action for Idle No More

Idle No More World Day of Action

Ruby Wax: What’s so funny about mental illness? (video)

Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough (video)

Good Grief Guru is speaking at Ignite Waterloo (Feb 13th)

Baby boomers and suicide -> in the Toronto Star

The countdown is on to Ignite Waterloo and Bell Let’s Talk day! (video)

It’s Bell Let’s Talk day.  Find out how you can contribute to the reduction of stigmas!

Talk to me: The James Patrick Peek story (video)

Idle No More Valentines day marches (audio)

Ignite Waterloo: References to statistics from my Feb. 13th 2013 talk

Did you watch Ignite Waterloo tonight?

CTV interview with Good Grief Guru: Touched by Suicide

Help Shawna get on TED!

“Depression & the holidays – not always the most wonderful time of the year” ~ It’s my turn movement (video)

Not okay

How to cope when not okay / Love:God / HAPPY THOUGHT #55

Stand up to Stigma SPOTLIGHT event: University of Waterloo March 6th

It is a night for the senses (video)

The Keltie Colleen story – “You know what’s way better than cool?  Happy.” (video)

Resources for students!

Two siblings share about their father’s suicide (video)

Dear Neil (a 2 year letter)

Chubby baby skit – Happy 4th birthday Alexis!

Proof that speaking out about suicide and mental illness saves lives! (video)

I’m getting published!

Shawna’s IGNITE WATERLOO talk! “He died by…” (video)

Being a single mom means a cut in pay.  Missed the memo?  It was news to me too.

Upcoming event: Coping with loss – When someone you love dies (Toronto, April 18th, 2013)

Shawna on radio today

Will you help me reach my goal? (check out this video)

Rick Warren’s youngest son dies by suicide

The Purpose Driven Life in Death: Finding purpose in the loss of Matthew Warren (video)

Listen to Shawna’s interview on radio – 4pm & 8pm today on HazeFM

Win a ticket to Bayview Concierge’s upcoming grief seminar!

“It’s my turn” to talk about mental illness – PTSD & Situational Depression

Kicking off mental health week at Elevation Church in Waterloo! – May 5th, 2013

Free suicide seminar for family physicians – spread the word! (June 4, RSVP by May 24)

Just a reminder: Mental illness, suicide, and finding God in the darkness talk tomorrow @ Elevation!

Shawna’s Elevation talk now available! (Mental illness, suicide, and finding God in the darkness) (Audio)

House under water: Please help me “make it right”

The official Ignite Waterloo IW11 talks have now been posted!

Save the date! World Suicide Prevention day: September 10th

Press release: Suicide Ideation Group

Blog for Suicide Prevention campaign: WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION day 2013!!!

Life 2+ years later

 January 28th is Bell Let’s Talk day!

It’s Bell Let’s Talk day! Find out how you can help build a federal framework for suicide prevention.

Tallying up the results after Bell Let’s Talk day.

The Bell Let’s Talk TOTAL TALLY is in!

Breathe high rez file

The official launch date of my book, Breathe, is coming soon…

Speaking Engagements and Book Signings

Discussing the suicide mind – FREE conference with Dr. Gustavo Turecki (April 3 & 4, 2014)

Suicide Symposium – Feb. 19th, Vaughan, FREE! (seating is limited)




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