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FREE family event with six-time Olympian Clara Hughes! (March 20th, 6:30pm)

 Free family event

Journey of Hope

with six-time olympian

Clara Hughes


Join Grand River Hospital and community partners as we party with

Clara Hughes and talk about mental health.


Thursday, March 20th, 2014

6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Bingemans Marshall Hall

Let’s talk about mental health

Stand Up To Stigma – We shone a SPOTLIGHT on mental health!

Stand Up To Stigma launched another successful SPOTLIGHT event!

Stand Up To Stigma logo


Click here to be re-directed to ShawnaPercy.com where you can see photos and learn more about the fantastic efforts of the Stand Up To Stigma SPOTLIGHT event.

Event notice from Interfaith Community Counselling Centre

The following is a community event announcement from the Interfaith Community Counselling Centre


We have two important workshops coming up.  As our community continues to face the impact of mental health challenges, our hope is to increase our capacity to reach those in need.  These workshops were developed based on an expressed need by community members and we hope for a positive turn out.  Both workshops are designed to provide information and resources to the participants.  There is no expectation for participants to share their stories.

1.        On March 18th, in the Community Room at Tri-County Mennonite Homes from 7-9 we will be hosting a workshop for individuals who are supporting family and friends with the challenges of a mental illness.

2.       On April 8th, at our home in Trinity Lutheran Church (Trinity Hall), we will be hosting a workshop for individuals supporting family and friends struggling with addictions.

Thank you for your support of our agency and please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call any time you have feedback or suggestions about the services we are providing to the community.



Lisa Akey, MSW, RSW

Clinical Director/Executive Director

Interfaith Community Counselling Centre

23B Church Street

New Hamburg, Ontario N3A1J1

Phone:  (519) 662-3092 ext. 126

Fax: (519) 662-4313



Speaking Engagements and Book Signings

We’re heading into a busy time of year and conversations are igniting!

Click here to find out where I’ll be speaking next, and be sure to check in on the Book Signing page to find out when book signing events may be happening near you.

photo (2)


I’m passionate about sharing my story and strongly believe that talking is often the first step to healing and finding release from trauma.

If you’d like to invite me to share a compelling story of hope, transparency, and awareness, or to arrange for a book signing event, please click here to contact me.

Talking Today ~ Changes Tomorrow. Let’s keep the conversation going.

The Bell Let’s Talk TOTAL TALLY is in!

If you thought the $150,000+ raised through tweets for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign that was announced this morning was good, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The results are in. Yesterday, Bell’s tally registered over 100 million text, tweets, Facebook shares, mobile and long distance calls, raising a whopping:


That’s a lot of talking!

Way to go Canada!!! You really got your talk on!

If you didn’t have a chance yesterday I highly recommend taking a look through the Bell Let’s Talk website. How about starting with some video testimonials of people living with mental health challenges? Click here to start watching now, and let’s continue the conversation.


It’s Bell Let’s Talk day! Find out how you can help build a federal framework for suicide prevention.



bell lets talk 2014

Bell Let’s Talk day is finally here, and raising funds to support mental health initiatives has never been so easy.

Bell will donate $0.05 for every:

  • Text a Bell customer sends
  • Every Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
  • And every share of Bell’s Facebook posts on their Bell Let’s Talk page



The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is doing a broad consultation until the spring of 2014 to inform the development of the Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention Act (as a result of bill C-300 that Kitchener’s own MP, Harold Albrecht, helped secure so that Suicide Prevention is now every Canadian’s responsibility.)  It is an extensive survey and can be filled out as an individual or from an organizational perspective (so be sure to share this with your company’s Human Resources department.)

Note: You are able to save as you go, so you can take your time completing this important survey. 

Please share widely with your networks so we can provide as much feedback to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) as possible and help build a solid framework for a stronger tomorrow.

CLICK HERE to start the survey now.

Please SHARE THIS POST with the hashtag reference “#BellLetsTalk so we can spread the word AND raise funds every time you do so. $0.05 (1 share with Hashtag) + $0.05 (1 share with Hashtag) = $0.10 + $0.05 (another share with Hashtag) = $0.15 and so on…


 It’s Bell day. Let’s talk.

The countdown is on to Ignite Waterloo and Bell Let’s Talk day!

Two days and counting to Ignite Waterloo, and another step taken to raise awareness about suicide, mental illness, and the damaging reality of stigmas; a reality we can change!

At Ignite Waterloo, I’ll have 5 minutes to give a talk using 20 slides that auto-forward every 15 seconds.  Audience, be prepared.  You’re going to get a personal story, facts, and resources so you can help stigmas be gone!

The presentations are recorded, so if you didn’t get a ticket, I’ll be sharing a link to the videos once they’re posted after the fact.

This is also Bell Let’s Talk week.  On February 12th Bell will donate $0.05 towards mental health initiatives for every text message sent.  Bell’s annual campaign has raised millions towards the cause of improved mental health.

As part of this campaign, I was interviewed by CTV News anchor, Meghan Furman.  That story is set to air this week as one of a three part segment on suicide.

There is SO much to celebrate and to be grateful for.  As a first step, I want to thank all of my supporters, and each person who has done something, even a small thing, to move this cause forward.  Never under-estimate how profound a small thing can be. 🙂

With that, I leave you with The Power Of Littles:

The power of littles

Great events, we often find,

On little things depend,

And very small beginnings

Have oft a might end.

Letters joined make words,

And words to books may grow,

As flake on flake descending

Form an avalanche of snow.

A single utterance may good

Or evil thought inspire;

One little spark enkindled

May set a town on fire.

What volumes may be written

With little drops of ink!

How small a leak, unnoticed,

A mighty ship will sink!

A tiny insect’s labor

Makes the coral strand,

And mighty seas are girdled

With grains of golden sand.

A daily penny, saved,

A fortune may begin;

A daily penny, squandered,

May lead to vice and sin.

Our life is made entirely

Of moments multiplied,

As little streamlets, joining,

Form the ocean’s tide.

Our hours and days, our months and years,

Are in small moments given;

They constitute our time below –

Eternity in heaven*.

Author Unknown

  *This is the author’s philosophy

Good Grief Guru interview with CTV for Bell’s Let’s Talk day

CTV’s Meghan Furman arrived at my house this morning to interview me about my story as an individual who has gone through the loss of a loved one by suicide.  This story is currently planned to air in mid February as part of the Bell Let’s Talk series.

Be sure to look out for links in February to the CTV website where you’ll be able to watch personal accounts of survivors.  In the meantime, check out some of the talks from last year, perhaps starting with CTV’s interview of Clara Hughes, Olympic medalist, depression survivor, and the face of the Bell Let’s Talk campaigns.


Here’s to collaboration, and the progress that is being made with every voice that speaks out, every courageous story shared, every survivor of mental health issues who educates us, and every action-oriented step that is taken towards breaking the grip of stigmas.

You are making a difference!