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Stand Up To Stigma – We shone a SPOTLIGHT on mental health!

Stand Up To Stigma launched another successful SPOTLIGHT event!

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Click here to be re-directed to ShawnaPercy.com where you can see photos and learn more about the fantastic efforts of the Stand Up To Stigma SPOTLIGHT event.

Stand Up To Stigma SPOTLIGHT event! (One day to go!)

Are you attending the University of Waterloo? Do you know about the Stand Up To Stigma SPOTLIGHT event? Just in case, here are the details.

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Stand Up To Stigma is an incredible organization on campus that is dedicated to eradicating stigmas from university life. We have a long way to go, but together we can make a huge impact towards this important goal.

Stand Up To Stigma’s SPOTLIGHT event is one of their many annual events that is focused on shinning a light on stigmas so they can’t hide in the darkness any longer. The more we talk, the more we understand. The more we understand, the better we can bring about positive change.

The SPOTLIGHT event will take place in the Student Life Centre’s Great Hall located at 200 University Ave. W. in Waterloo, from noon – 3:30pm.

There will be an art exhibit, special guest speakers, and access to informative handouts.

Yours truly will be sharing my story from 12:30pm – 1:00pm. I will also be sure to have a few copies of my newly published book Breathe, and important handouts from the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council.

Will you be going to this event? I hope to see you there. Remember, wherever you are you too can shine a SPOTLIGHT on stigmas, and more importantly, on hope.

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Special thanks to Van Houtte Coffee Services (my day job) who is supporting my participation in this event by enabling me to use volunteer hours on company time.

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Resources for students!

Today, I have the privilege of speaking at Wilfred Laurier, to their Master of Social Work students, along with Tana Nash of the Waterloo Regional Suicide Prevention Council (WRSPC,) and another presenter from her network.  We will each share a talk, and then open the floor to a panel discussion.  Immediately after, I head over to the University of Waterloo’s Stand up to Stigma SPOTLIGHT event, where I get to share a talk to their students too.  It’s a day dream!

While I’m doing this during the day, some of you may wonder, What about your day job?  Yes, I do have one of those too.  Thankfully, I work for an amazing company (Van Houtte Coffee Services, a division of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,) who encourages each of their employees to volunteer up to 52 hours a year on company time!  It’s thrilling, to say the least, to be able to blend my passion of writing and speaking for causes into my full time job, and my passion for coffee (what I get paid for,) percolates into all areas of my life too.

Today, my focus are the students of today, and the counselors of tomorrow.  For all those students out there, I’ve added a new resource tab specifically for you (although it’s a great resource for others to take advantage of too.)  Check out the crisis contacts, links and videos under Resources for Students.

Here’s to making every day count.  Universities, here I come 😀



Stand up to Stigma SPOTLIGHT event: University of Waterloo March 6th

Are you a student?  Come check out the University of Waterloo’s Stand Up To Stigma SPOTLIGHT event at The Great Hall, University of Waterloo, on March 6th.

The event takes place from noon to 4, and yours truly will be speaking at 2:05ish (to be somewhat exact,) 🙂


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Youth risk behavior surveillance—United States, 2011, 12.8% of students reported that they made a plan about how they would attempt suicide during the 12 months preceding the survey.

School pressures, family pressures, and mental health factors can all play a role in the health of our students.  Help get the word out about this event where students, and others, can learn about important resources, and get the help they need to cope well, and know where to go for extra support.

Please tell a friend about Stand Up To Stigma’s SPOTLIGHT event, post the banner below to your Facebook cover, or share this post with others:

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Thank you for supporting student mental health and suicide awareness.

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