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HAPPY THOUGHT #37: A light in the blackout (Turtle pond toys)

After the past 24 hours I’ve had (to be shared at a later time) I was pretty anxious when the power went out in my house today.  I didn’t know if it was just my house, or all of Waterloo.  Perhaps it extended beyond that.  What I did know was my house had no light, my head was dark, my computer was down to 4%, and this was not the night to be without power.

I was in the middle of a face off with my daughter.  “If you don’t eat your soup for lunch, you’ll have it for dinner.  You know that’s how it works here.”  Finally, later in the afternoon, when I wouldn’t give her any other kind of snack, she agreed to eat her soup.  Yes!  Victory is mine.  No, wait a minute.  The stove won’t turn on . Why can’t I see the time.  Are any of the lights in the house working?

“Can I have the soup now please, Mom?” asked my daughter, so she could get one step closer to almonds and raisins.

“Well, actually I can’t heat up the soup.  There’s no power.”

I drove my daughter to our local Starbucks (the one I wrote about in one of my first articles) where she could eat her beloved berries, granola and yoghurt, as I plugged in.  When she was done, we walked to Turtle Pond Toys.  “I have a strange request…” I started when I saw the cashier.  Alexis went straight for the trains, and the lady behind the cash register not only helped me plug in, she re-arranged a section of toys so my computer had a place to rest.  There’s no way she could have known how desperate, or full my head was, or how forlorn I was to be out of electronic juice.  But she helped me anyway.

While the sky remained grey, and grew darker in the evening, Alexis and I enjoyed the next hour inside the brightly coloured inner playground of Turtle Pond Toys.  This post may be more appropriately name “Thankful thoughts.”  I am grateful to live in this community of do-gooders who don’t even know the good they’ve done.

When we did leave, we came back to a house with electricity.  The truth is, I love black-outs, but the timing for my head-space could not have been more poorly laid out.

Thank you Turtle Pond Toys WATERLOO, for allowing me to recharge at your store in more ways than one!